4 Reasons why customers deserve dealerships without the salesperson

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If you own a business what are your top goals? Happy customers? Growth? Good
reputation?, makes sense and doesn’t every small business owner look at what the
customer wants and then structure the whole business model around that? Every business
of course, except the car business.

Since the 50’s or 60”s dealerships have insisted on following the old car salesman
model, Edmunds, Nada, Facebook, and every other review and social media site have posted endless articles
and research results that say customers don’t like it; but still dealerships insist on that archaic model. Let’s
discuss the reasons why you deserve a dealership that listens and has eliminated salespeople altogether.
Here are the top five reasons most surveys show why dealerships need to get with the program.

1. The back and forth tango- Every survey shows customers hate this, do you? You get it, a lease
or finance terms may take a little working but what are they talking about? And then after all that why can’t
they just pick up the phone if I need a few more dollars for my trade instead of going back behind closed
doors again. Customers have repeatedly said “then why can’t I just speak to the manager, why am I even
dealing with a salesperson?” The answer to your question is Yes you should be able to!!!

2. All they wanted was the sale, now they forgot me- You ever purchase a vehicle and
come back in with a question, or to pickup something owed to you? Was your salesperson as interested as
before the sale? Or maybe worse, was your salesperson not around and all the others treat you like a leper?
The reality is this is the industries fault. That old system paid salespeople on that individual sale-that
day- and nada if they don’t make another sale today. Some salespeople think long term but let’s face it they
were never paid for follow up. Managers, on the other hand are paid based on the overall store, growth and
customer satisfaction scores. So if a business is purposely compensating it’s staff to ignore you, why would
you choose that company?

3. High Pressure- You get it, you don’t go into a deli not to buy a sandwich. However, if you just
wanted to look at the menu, they wouldn’t get all nasty and push Boars Head in your face.
Much of this is the same as point 2 above, compensation, managers and owners will also need
production but again the month and the year matter; this particular deal doesn’t hinge on them being able to
make rent. Surveys show Attention and urgency are appreciated by customers as long as they are supported
in making their decision when THEY ARE READY.

4. They want to sell me what they want- Ever wonder if they have some kind of bonus hinging
on them forcing you into some other vehicle? It was possible, or maybe that model has more markup then
the one that was discounted that you saw online. But don’t they want to move the leftover or the one on
sale? Probably not, remember salespeople are paid on this deal and maybe only this one today, maybe they
haven’t sold anything all week, their family may suffer if they don’t flip you.If you are thinking that this
hurst the dealership too because they need to control inventory, you would be right. The reality is that this
1960s system hurts the dealership in a hundred ways. Making the customer uncomfortable, training the staff
to be self centered, compensating to ignore customers and the list goes on. It is hurting us too but sometimes
old habits die hard.

North East Ford is focused on finding solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers. You have
spoken and we have re-opened with an entirely new system. There are no salespeople on the showroom floor,
you will be able to work directly with myself or my managers.

This also provided us with funding to reduce prices and hire support staff. Pick up and delivery is just part
of who we are, and we now have staff dedicated to providing this service with sanitation in mind. At North East
Ford we welcome your whole family including the 4 legged members. Outdoor seating, play area for the kids
and even a doggie relief area. These added employees are trained daily on answering technology questions,
safe undistracted driving, disinfection and automotive detailing. (Did you know detailing a vehicle requires a
disinfection regiment?) We want to be your dealership and the biggest reason you should choose us is that we

At North East Ford our focus continues to be on keeping your family safe and on the road. We adapt to your
changing needs and with things as they are in today’s world; change is the only constant. Providing safe,
personal service, at lower costs, for your whole family. Only for you, Only at NorthEast Ford.


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