Ford F-150 Facts, feelings and a truth I’m not sure Ford wants me to talk about

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Those of you who know me are aware my personal vehicle of choice is the F150. I love the Muscle of Mustangs, the beauty and comfort of the Expedition, the Escape’s value, room and versatility make it often my best seller so…. yeah I love it; but F150 fits my lifestyle. I love the creature comforts of the Expedition for example, the F150 offers all those options. I spend a lot of time in my truck and my back is not as young as it used to be, couple that with decades of getting injuries from swinging hammer, playing in the woods with my kids and being beat up more than once and what you get is a guy who needs him a comfortable seat. I love digital, love my phone, heck this article is blog posted all over, love using technology to advertise, social, all of it. Love staying connected with my customers everyday-all day. I bet a thousand of you have my cell number and I know I have over 100 contractors and customers programmed in mine, We text, talk, send pictures all of it. I love technology ; well I love using it anyway. Truth be told the term they use I guess is “Hardware” that part I hate; I’m terrible at it! You know hooking up your phone, figuring out all the do dads, I stink at that. Yeah I have 3 screens in my office…. that Carter set up for me and had to show me how to use several times. When it comes to my truck I want easy and the new sync 3 is what I gotta have and it is available in the F150. She ( that computer voice) understands you so much better, she’s faster, smarter and she links up with a lot of apps and devices now. Play your music, use your phone right from the steering wheel controls. If you have an I-phone she has “apple car play” , that I use, you just plug your phone in and it turns on instantly and Siri is ready to start texting.
That is one of the greatest features with Sync 3. They are really cracking down on texting tickets, I hear they are even points on your license now. What’s worse is that I read that texting is responsible for more accidents than drunk driving now. I spend nearly 2 hours a day in my truck and it’s the best time to return my customers calls, listen to YouTube videos on all the automotive stuff. Your F150 becomes your office and your man cave.
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I use my truck to work. Even if you don’t know me you may have seen the pics posted of me tiling, cleaning and doing all the construction tid bits at the dealership. I love the short bed, it holds a ton, is easy to reach for stuff and let’s face it the big stuff you get delivered to the job site anyway, but if you must don’t worry they offer bed extenders for the once in a while you need that little extra. They also offer bed liner, tough bed spray liner, and now even the bed mat that I use. I love that one because my get home bag doesn’t slide all over and since I change vehicles so much its easy to grab my stuff cause it stays put right toward the tailgate. Which brings me to the bed lighting- much better. I usually leave the dealership around six or so and even in summer it’s starting to get dark and those led lights are awesome. You can sit on your tailgate and play workshop for a minute and have no trouble seeing. It’s those little things that sound stupid to most but when you are a tradesman – you know.

While we are on the bed, love love the automatic tailgate button on the key fob coupled with the soft open tailgate, this feature is one of the best. I keep a Ford tonneau cover so I can’t just lift the paint can over into the bed. You are probably a much better worker than me, I get my tools all over and when comes time to pack up Fill my arms with way too much and get to the tailgate and actually get disgusted that I gotta put down the too much I myself picked up. Now instead you hit the button on your key fob and it opens and slowly comes down like it’s out of a Disney film. Tina and the boys love this too because when they take it shopping it’s not heavy and you know if you got little ones they love to help. I ain’t gonna lie the tailgate step I usually forget I have till I’ve already jumped in the bed but it makes it so you can climb up with your right hand full of stuff and that saves time. And let’s face it, if you got to do it over and over on a job, jumping up in the bed isn’t as easy as used to be for me, how about you?

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Years ago when Paul was still “Paulie” we played paintball all the time. Now Lann is 12 and loves airsoft so I’m back in the woods constantly. People who don’t hunt or fish would assume the bed is the perfect place for your poles or rifle especially with the aforementioned bed mat nice soft clean: Heck no! Especially if you just bought that baby you feel like it’s going to move or something going to roll over on it. Say Sporting clay is your golf? Then your shotgun ain’t going in the bed? The new F150 crew cab is perfect. Before the family gets in for the trip to the cabin you grab the lever and the entire back seat bottom will fold up so you can gently place your poles and guns. You can fit 3 shotguns( depending on barrel size maybe 2) and when put the seat down the kids can’t kick them; that floor pocket was designed with you in mind. Even for shopping lift the seat and load underneath first, Tina has a daycare and a trip to the wholesale club means every inch of ruck and bed is full.Now the engines offered are awesome I like three for different reasons the .first one stands alone. It was designed With the commuter in mind, the 2.7 Ecoboost that has the power and responsiveness that still reminds you your in a truck while sipping fuel. The second and third engines bring me to the part I hope Ford doesn’t get upset about me sharing but I have to be honest, the 5.0 liter V8 and the 3.5 Ecoboost V6 get nearly the same fuel economy. The window stickers and ratings are not wrong, I’m just saying the way I drive around here they get about the same and I love them both. When I pick a truck for myself to drive I don’t care which, and from inside the truck I can’t tell which one I got. Sorry Ford Motor Company don’t come down on me truth is you made 2 good engines, but why have 2? Well there are important reasons, some practical and others may be emotional but real important too.
The biggest surprise is that if you are towing the Ecoboost 3.5 V6 tow rating capabilities are far superior, almost 2000 lbs more than 5.0 (up to 10900 with 5.0 4×4 – 12700 with 4×4 3.5 Ecoboost). If you tow you want that hands down. In contrast, if  you want to plow your driveway you want the V8 with the snow plow prep package equipped.  Now let’s get to the emotional part. If you have been used to V8, if the 5.0 is iconic to you then get it, the  reality is the fuel economy has drastically improved across the Entire Ford Lineup. Next, if you are one that accessorizes your exhaust be aware that the Ecoboost will not deliver that throaty sound and contact the customs manufacturer as I’ve heard they have alternatives that produce the sound.Once you have chosen Ford you can stop worrying about making a bad choice. 5.0 or 3.5? Go with your gut. You will be happy.
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Finally, as a lot of you know, I never close the dealership completely for a snow emergency.  Too many contractors rely on us when they are plowing. Calipers freeze, wheel hubs, anything that can go wrong, will, during blizzards. I always keep a technician and often myself on duty at the very  least to stand by for those in need. The four wheel drive system has evolved into something  magical and I couple that with the crew cab and some gear in the bed so the weight distribution keeps me tight to the road. I am certain you will be impressed.  There are hundreds of awesome features that I have not even mentioned. These are simply my favorites. What reasons did you have for purchasing your F150? Or are you still thinking about one? I personally would love to hear from you so stop in, if you would like we can even post your F150 thoughts online. Hope to see you soon.


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