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If you own a business what are your top goals? Happy customers? Growth? Good
reputation?, makes sense and doesn’t every small business owner look at what the
customer wants and then structure the whole business model around that? Every business
of course, except the car business.

Since the 50’s or 60”s dealerships have insisted on following the old car salesman
model, Edmunds, Nada, Facebook, and every other review and social media site have posted endless articles
and research results that say customers don’t like it; but still dealerships insist on that archaic model. Let’s
discuss the reasons why you deserve a dealership that listens and has eliminated salespeople altogether.
Here are the top five reasons most surveys show why dealerships need to get with the program.

1. The back and forth tango- Every survey shows customers hate this, do you? You get it, a lease
or finance terms may take a little working but what are they talking about? And then after all that why can’t
they just pick up the phone if I need a few more dollars for my trade instead of going back behind closed
doors again. Customers have repeatedly said “then why can’t I just speak to the manager, why am I even
dealing with a salesperson?” The answer to your question is Yes you should be able to!!!

2. All they wanted was the sale, now they forgot me- You ever purchase a vehicle and
come back in with a question, or to pickup something owed to you? Was your salesperson as interested as
before the sale? Or maybe worse, was your salesperson not around and all the others treat you like a leper?
The reality is this is the industries fault. That old system paid salespeople on that individual sale-that
day- and nada if they don’t make another sale today. Some salespeople think long term but let’s face it they
were never paid for follow up. Managers, on the other hand are paid based on the overall store, growth and
customer satisfaction scores. So if a business is purposely compensating it’s staff to ignore you, why would
you choose that company?

3. High Pressure- You get it, you don’t go into a deli not to buy a sandwich. However, if you just
wanted to look at the menu, they wouldn’t get all nasty and push Boars Head in your face.
Much of this is the same as point 2 above, compensation, managers and owners will also need
production but again the month and the year matter; this particular deal doesn’t hinge on them being able to
make rent. Surveys show Attention and urgency are appreciated by customers as long as they are supported
in making their decision when THEY ARE READY.

4. They want to sell me what they want- Ever wonder if they have some kind of bonus hinging
on them forcing you into some other vehicle? It was possible, or maybe that model has more markup then
the one that was discounted that you saw online. But don’t they want to move the leftover or the one on
sale? Probably not, remember salespeople are paid on this deal and maybe only this one today, maybe they
haven’t sold anything all week, their family may suffer if they don’t flip you.If you are thinking that this
hurst the dealership too because they need to control inventory, you would be right. The reality is that this
1960s system hurts the dealership in a hundred ways. Making the customer uncomfortable, training the staff
to be self centered, compensating to ignore customers and the list goes on. It is hurting us too but sometimes
old habits die hard.

North East Ford is focused on finding solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers. You have
spoken and we have re-opened with an entirely new system. There are no salespeople on the showroom floor,
you will be able to work directly with myself or my managers.

This also provided us with funding to reduce prices and hire support staff. Pick up and delivery is just part
of who we are, and we now have staff dedicated to providing this service with sanitation in mind. At North East
Ford we welcome your whole family including the 4 legged members. Outdoor seating, play area for the kids
and even a doggie relief area. These added employees are trained daily on answering technology questions,
safe undistracted driving, disinfection and automotive detailing. (Did you know detailing a vehicle requires a
disinfection regiment?) We want to be your dealership and the biggest reason you should choose us is that we

At North East Ford our focus continues to be on keeping your family safe and on the road. We adapt to your
changing needs and with things as they are in today’s world; change is the only constant. Providing safe,
personal service, at lower costs, for your whole family. Only for you, Only at NorthEast Ford.

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Ford F-150 Facts, feelings and a truth I’m not sure Ford wants me to talk about

Those of you who know me are aware my personal vehicle of choice is the F150. I love the Muscle of Mustangs, the beauty and comfort of the Expedition, the Escape’s value, room and versatility make it often my best seller so…. yeah I love it; but F150 fits my lifestyle. I love the creature comforts of the Expedition for example, the F150 offers all those options. I spend a lot of time in my truck and my back is not as young as it used to be, couple that with decades of getting injuries from swinging hammer, playing in the woods with my kids and being beat up more than once and what you get is a guy who needs him a comfortable seat. I love digital, love my phone, heck this article is blog posted all over, love using technology to advertise, social, all of it. Love staying connected with my customers everyday-all day. I bet a thousand of you have my cell number and I know I have over 100 contractors and customers programmed in mine, We text, talk, send pictures all of it. I love technology ; well I love using it anyway. Truth be told the term they use I guess is “Hardware” that part I hate; I’m terrible at it! You know hooking up your phone, figuring out all the do dads, I stink at that. Yeah I have 3 screens in my office…. that Carter set up for me and had to show me how to use several times. When it comes to my truck I want easy and the new sync 3 is what I gotta have and it is available in the F150. She ( that computer voice) understands you so much better, she’s faster, smarter and she links up with a lot of apps and devices now. Play your music, use your phone right from the steering wheel controls. If you have an I-phone she has “apple car play” , that I use, you just plug your phone in and it turns on instantly and Siri is ready to start texting.

That is one of the greatest features with Sync 3. They are really cracking down on texting tickets, I hear they are even points on your license now. What’s worse is that I read that texting is responsible for more accidents than drunk driving now. I spend nearly 2 hours a day in my truck and it’s the best time to return my customers calls, listen to YouTube videos on all the automotive stuff. Your F150 becomes your office and your man cave.

I use my truck to work. Even if you don’t know me you may have seen the pics posted of me tiling, cleaning and doing all the construction tid bits at the dealership. I love the short bed, it holds a ton, is easy to reach for stuff and let’s face it the big stuff you get delivered to the job site anyway, but if you must don’t worry they offer bed extenders for the once in a while you need that little extra. They also offer bed liner, tough bed spray liner, and now even the bed mat that I use. I love that one because my get home bag doesn’t slide all over and since I change vehicles so much its easy to grab my stuff cause it stays put right toward the tailgate. Which brings me to the bed lighting- much better. I usually leave the dealership around six or so and even in summer it’s starting to get dark and those led lights are awesome. You can sit on your tailgate and play workshop for a minute and have no trouble seeing. It’s those little things that sound stupid to most but when you are a tradesman – you know.

While we are on the bed, love love the automatic tailgate button on the key fob coupled with the soft open tailgate, this feature is one of the best. I keep a Ford tonneau cover so I can’t just lift the paint can over into the bed. You are probably a much better worker than me, I get my tools all over and when comes time to pack up Fill my arms with way too much and get to the tailgate and actually get disgusted that I gotta put down the too much I myself picked up. Now instead you hit the button on your key fob and it opens and slowly comes down like it’s out of a Disney film. Tina and the boys love this too because when they take it shopping it’s not heavy and you know if you got little ones they love to help. I ain’t gonna lie the tailgate step I usually forget I have till I’ve already jumped in the bed but it makes it so you can climb up with your right hand full of stuff and that saves time. And let’s face it, if you got to do it over and over on a job, jumping up in the bed isn’t as easy as used to be for me, how about you?

Years ago when Paul was still “Paulie” we played paintball all the time. Now Lann is 12 and loves airsoft so I’m back in the woods constantly. People who don’t hunt or fish would assume the bed is the perfect place for your poles or rifle especially with the aforementioned bed mat nice soft clean: Heck no! Especially if you just bought that baby you feel like it’s going to move or something going to roll over on it. Say Sporting clay is your golf? Then your shotgun ain’t going in the bed? The new F150 crew cab is perfect. Before the family gets in for the trip to the cabin you grab the lever and the entire back seat bottom will fold up so you can gently place your poles and guns. You can fit 3 shotguns( depending on barrel size maybe 2) and when put the seat down the kids can’t kick them; that floor pocket was designed with you in mind. Even for shopping lift the seat and load underneath first, Tina has a daycare and a trip to the wholesale club means every inch of  ruck and bed is full.Now the engines offered are awesome I like three for different reasons the .first one stands alone. It was designed With the commuter in mind, the 2.7 Ecoboost that has the power and responsiveness that still reminds you your in a truck while sipping fuel.  The second and third engines bring me to the part I hope Ford doesn’t get upset about me sharing but I have to be honest, the 5.0 liter V8 and the 3.5 Ecoboost V6 get nearly the same fuel economy. The window stickers and ratings are not wrong, I’m just saying the way I drive around here they get about the same and I love them both. When I pick a truck for myself to drive I don’t care which, and from inside the truck I can’t tell which one I got. Sorry Ford Motor Company don’t come down on me truth is you made 2 good engines, but why have 2? Well there are important reasons, some practical and others may be emotional but real important too.

The biggest surprise is that if you are towing the Ecoboost 3.5 V6 tow rating capabilities are far superior, almost 2000 lbs more than 5.0 (up to 10900 with 5.0 4×4 – 12700 with 4×4 3.5 Ecoboost). If you tow you want that hands down. In contrast, if  you want to plow your driveway you want the V8 with the snow plow prep package equipped.  Now let’s get to the emotional part. If you have been used to V8, if the 5.0 is iconic to you then get it, the  reality is the fuel economy has drastically improved across the Entire Ford Lineup. Next, if you are one that accessorizes your exhaust be aware that the Ecoboost will not deliver that throaty sound and contact the customs manufacturer as I’ve heard they have alternatives that produce the sound.Once you have chosen Ford you can stop worrying about making a bad choice. 5.0 or 3.5? Go with your gut. You will be happy.

Finally, as a lot of you know, I never close the dealership completely for a snow emergency.  Too many contractors rely on us when they are plowing. Calipers freeze, wheel hubs, anything that can go wrong, will, during blizzards. I always keep a technician and often myself on duty at the very  least to stand by for those in need. The four wheel drive system has evolved into something  magical and I couple that with the crew cab and some gear in the bed so the weight distribution keeps me tight to the road. I am certain you will be impressed.  There are hundreds of awesome features that I have not even mentioned. These are simply my favorites. What reasons did you have for purchasing your F150? Or are you still thinking about one? I personally would love to hear from you so stop in, if you would like we can even post your F150 thoughts online. Hope to see you soon.

Leasing Exposed – 8 Ways You Can Protect Yourself


Leasing has changed over the last 25 years. It is ultimately just another way to finance the car. Like all agreements (contracts) the key to happiness is understanding what you are agreeing to. Unfortunately, sometimes the contracts have parts which are buried in the “fine print”. The right thing to do is read the entire contract and question anything you are not comfortable with

The contracts are long, I know but you are going to have 2 or 3 years or more to think about what you are locked into. At the very least skim through by looking at the beginning of each paragraph. By doing this, certain things will catch your attention. I have found that there are 7 things to watch out for that are most commonly “buried” in the content

1. Dealer processing – beware of this! in NY it’s regulated at a flat $75. Border states often put a low payment then whack you for $400 or more to make up the profits.

2. Registration – certain counties add MTA and other fees that you pay based on where you live and register, not where you buy.

3. First payment

4. Rebates with a catch – there are tons of specific rebates. They may put in multiple! For example,  military appreciation requires a copy of your military I.D. Don’t have one and your headed for payment hike boot camp.

5. Miles allowed- watch this because it will also have per mile charge if you go over. Look at the total allowed by lease end to see exactly what you are buying.

6. Sales Tax- to be fair they couldn’t put it in the add because it goes by the rate of where you live not where you get the car. It will jump your payment if you roll it in, so make sure you are clear as to what the total out of pocket cash you need for that payment. A 24 month lease at $300/month that requires $2400 out of pocket is actually $400 a month isn’t it.

7. Security deposit – a lot of good places (Northeast Ford) have programs to waive this.

8. Trade in value – Do you know what you got for it? If you do no money but trade in then that is your “out of pocket” some of it goes to fees like 1st payment, Motor vehicle charges and sales tax. You will find a section that itemizes these fees. You will also find a line or sentence that says “cap cost reduction” it’s kind of like down payment. Add those two sections and you have what you actually got for your trade. Like above in number 6 if your payment is only $200 for 24 months on that super expensive truck, BUT your trade is worth $12000 then you are actually paying $700 a month aren’t you?

Because we all live on a budget we want that monthly payment to be affordable, I get it. The point is that it doesn’t matter if you pay more upfront or throughout the lease, understand the answer to what should be the simplest question….. “How much is it?”

My opinion is very strong on this, it may seem like I am trying to condemn other dealers that border on deception, and it seems that way because….. I am. I have no quarrel with a dealership making profit, they have to. I have found that customers like to do business with a successful clean comfortable place. They want a good deal, but they want you to be able to service and care for them after too.

My gripe is being up front about it. What are they afraid of, if the product is good it cost money because it is worth it, not because you are good at the shell game. If the customer wants something unreasonable, you say no. Be proud of what you do, what you sell, and who you are. I have found customers like that, and I think it is the biggest reason I have so many.

Some people are even so kind as to read my content all the way to the last sentence. I really appreciate them.


 Hi I’m Lann Rubin, I started in the car business in 1991 with a different approach. Talk to people, answer questions, tell them ALL about the numbers and get them same day service when they need it. For decades you have set records for me, and taken care of my family and crew.

My partner and I opened Northeast Ford to say THANK YOU and to continue taking care of those who carried us all this  way………………. YOU!

Check us out at

Recycling Restyled


Take a walk through Ford’s research center and you’ll find an eclectic mix of items at the workstations. Soybeans, coconuts, dandelions, tomato skins – These aren’t leftovers for the office compost bin; instead they are just a few of the surprising materials used to create Ford vehicles.


What do you do with leftover soybeans, once they’ve been smashed, squeezed and pulped for soy milk?
Turn them into seat foam, of course. For four years, Ford has been using soy-based foam in its seat cushions and seat backs. The auto company currently has soy-foam seats in more than 15 million vehicles on the road, which has reduced petroleum consumption at Ford by more than 6 million kg.

2. Castor Oil

When you look at the Mustang dashboard, what do you think of first? That’s right, castor oil.
Ford uses locally sourced castor oil to create a special foam for the Mustang’s instrument panel.The
castor-oil foam provides a more sustainable interior solution than previous petroleum-based foams.

3. Plastic Bottles

Do you ever stop to think about what happens to a plastic bottle once you throw it away? Ford
does. In 2012, Ford started using REPREVE® – a hybrid fiber made from recycled plastic bottles – in
its seat fabrics. Today, the company uses the environmentally friendly fiber in more than 50 different
seat fabrics.

4. Kenaf

Have you heard about kenaf? Think of it as cotton’s not-so-distant cousin. This wonder plant is
used to create the interior door panels on selected Ford vehicles. The use of kenaf reduces the weight
of the door bolsters by 25 percent, which translates into better fuel efficiency for the driver.

5. Coconuts

Coconut water is all the rage right now, but did you know that coconuts can be used for more
than just hydration? Coconut coir – made from leftover coconut husks – is used in the trunk mats in
selected Ford vehicles.

6. Wheat Straw

Next time you’re chewing on your sandwich, chew on this: Ford takes discarded wheat-straw
from local farms and uses it to create car storage bins. By using wheat-straw-reinforced plastic, rather
than 100-percent traditional petroleum products, it is estimated Ford saves 14,000 kg of CO2
emissions per year.

7. Jeans

Thanks to Ford, discarded blue jeans are getting a second life. Ford takes recycled denim and
turns it into sound-absorbing hood insulation. It’s estimated that two pairs of jeans are found under
the hood of select Ford vehicles.

8. Money

Money makes the world go round, but it also makes Ford’s wheels go round, too. Right now,
Ford is experimenting with retired US currency and is planning to use it in plastic parts like trays and
storage compartments.

9. Tomato Skins

You say tomato, Ford says tom-auto. It might seem that tomatoes and cars have nothing in common,
but researchers at Ford and Heinz see the possibility of an innovative union. Researchers are
investigating the use of dried tomato skins in wiring brackets and storage bins for selected Ford

10. Dandelions

While some gardeners may groan at the sight of dandelions, Ford is head over heels for them.
The research team is currently investigating different methods of turning the common garden weed
into a natural rubber alternative. This eco-friendly rubber could find its way into plastic parts in Ford
vehicles including cup holders and gasket covers.


I found this article on Ford’s social site and I though you might get a kick out of it.